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Tulips Talk and spring is here. Soon tulips will be popping up with their brilliant and dazzling colours contrasting against the remains of melting white banks of snow. As tulips start popping out of the ground in all their glorious shape and colours , it almost feels as though tulips talk to you. They seem to bring greetings of spring after a long cold winter.Have you ever had a tulip talk to you? Tulips talk when they inspire you with spring creativity.

Tulips by Anuppa Caleekal copyright
Tulips by Anuppa Caleekal copyright







Tulips Talk by Anuppa Caleekal Copyright
Tulips Talk by Anuppa Caleekal Copyright








Tulips talk and that must have been what happened when Tulips talk to creative
designers such as these designers profiled In this segment of Digitalism Magazine . As a kick off to celebrating the coming of spring 2015, Tulips Talk is Digitalism magazine’s showcase to see the works of some very creative designers who have been inspired by tulips.

Linde Van der Poel: Tulip Handbags
Owner and designer Linde Van der Poel is a dutch designer who from her design studio in Bali created designs taken from nature, one being tulips. Her best-known bag is the Tulip by-Lin©
. The original Dutch Tulip is by-Lin’s trademark . Of course being from the Netherlands,the land of tulips, you might just say Linde Van der Poel could not help being inspired by the way tulips talk. Know more about her tulip designs and her other collections which are inspired by nature. Here are some of her tulip handbags, tulip-key-protector and tulip key-accessories. Image source for http://www.by-lin.com/


images source www.by-lin.com















































Contact for Linde Van der Poel Tulip Handbags

by-Lin® bv

Postbus 103

7550 AC Hengelo
The Netherlands
















Tulip inspired Jewellery by Boutique Ottaman

Another selection by Digitalism Magazine to celebrate spring with Tulips talk is Tulip jewellery by Boutique Ottoman. S. Gultekin started Boutique Ottoman in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey. All products of Boutique Ottoman from Turkey and made by Turkish jewelry masters by hand. Here are some of tulip design jewellery from Boutique Ottoman.



images source::http://www.boutiqueottoman.com/
























images source from :http://www.boutiqueottoman.com/

Contact Boutique Ottoman by viewing their online shop www.boutiqueottoman.com 
Babil Str. Babil Tower 8/31 Mersin Turkey










Kaela Kay ladies fashion by Catherine Addai

Another creative  designer we would like to include for Digitalism Magazine’s Tulips Talk insertion is Kaela Kay fashion creations whose head designer and creative director is Catherine Addai. Her tulip dress has a burst of colour and like all her designs it embodies an African flare.

This Kaela Kay “Lisa Kukua Tulip Dress” tulip dress was spotted at http://thekaleidoscopian.com a lifestyle blog showcasing african events in fashion and music in Canada and worldwide.














(image source  for Lisa Kukua Tulip Dress:

Shop Kaela Kay  and view other spectacular Kaeyla Kay spring collections (http://shop.kaelakay.com/)Here are some more fabulous spring inspired colours from kaelakay.com fashions

Image source :http://shop.kaelakay.com
















(Image source :http://shop.kaelakay.com)








In Canada we are fortunate to celebrate  Ottawa’s annual Tulip festival .

For complete event details of the Tulip festival in Ottawa May 8 to 18, 2015 visit www.tulipfestival.ca

Watch this video to learn more about the History Of The Tulip Festival in Canada








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