Digitalism Art and Word Series on Love

Digitalism Art and Word Series on Love
It is Her Love by Anuppa Caleekal copyright






Digitalism Art and Word series on Love highlights a picture E- book for adults ,entitled, “It is Her Love” by Digitalism artist and writer Anuppa Caleekal . It is a bedtime story for adults. The picture E- book is about “Her” presence in all our lives. Digitalism Art and Word series on Love is about the trail of ancestral women in our lives. We as human beings can all be traced back to a mother womb, a place of creation in which love is implicit and belongs to Mother Earth as a gift from the unseen God , the manifold of our faith’s Maker. Digitalism Art and Word series on Love is about the role of the essence of ” Her. “
This picture book is a daily spiritual exercise intended to inspire the inner man  Homo sapiens digitus. © living in the Age of Digitalism to prepare for the spiritual evolution . It is the connection with the forces of gravitational love from God’s heart to our own hearts. Digitalism Art and Word series on Love speaks from an art perspective about “Her” presence, the trail of ancestral women, the Her who bought you Here. Digitalism Art and Word series on Love is a E-digital picture book meant to inspire adults about the motivational and hopeful force of creation which is the Love in each of us .

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It is Her 1 by Anuppa Caleekal copyright







There are many answers to how we were created and how we evolved, where we came from and how we are transitioning as humans into our present civilization. But why were we created? Why is the force of creation of Life even there? The role of Love, the emotion we are familiar with is the inherent energy or force of creation , the reason to be.
What becomes of me after I enter the world is partly what i reason myself to become. As a human being I have the choice to become what I reason to become and to go ahead and just do it. However , how I was created was beyond my control. It was from the force of Love. Love is a like gravity, a creative force . Love like gravitation or gravity is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies have the potential energy to attract each other. There is an abundance of love but there is also an abundance of impure forces killing love causing chaos, conflict, greed, hatred, violence. terror, murder, war, disruption, upheavals, pain, sorrow and illness. We can see the killing of love escalate daily around our apparent world, through our eyes, our experiences and digital images of our reality on TV and the nightly news. If we drift away from forces of love and dwell in impurities it is like we sink and lose all gravitational forces that keep us grounded. Our heart detaches from us when we lose love and hardens with coldness. Our thoughts become numb to pain and suffering and our actions follow path. Gaining wisdom is to gain heart. Gaining wisdom is to gain a pure heart connecting to the beginning, to Her. Gaining heart is gaining ammunition to fight for human existence to survive with peace so that there is some meaning as to why through Her we are Here.
There is the reality that each of our entrances into this world was a creation exiting into the world from Her who brought us Here , the geographical birthplace where she and the many before Her left Her mark with you.




It is Her 2 by Anuppa Caleekal copyright






Whoever she is there are many of Her and there were many of Her before Her. No matter how we deviate from defining Her, the significant force of Her has been to create and that is love. The significant importance of the matriarchal component of life is not a debate about the equality of the sexes. The matriarchal component is the actual passage, the first home to our existence and entrance into the consciousness of this world we call life. Each of us have a matriarchal component. Not everyone is fortunate in having a matriarchal component that was necessarily all loving and nurturing but there is the hope that if one matriarchal component had a flaw , the recipient to that flaw could choose to adapt to plant the future seed with love or touch someone’s heart to be open and be pure to love. Every man and woman can create love and has the capacity to open ones heart to love.
Creation is love and what we make of it is our own making. The heart is the container of love and the only way to have a pure heart or be a pure heart is to empty the heart from all impurities. When you clear your heart from breeding jealousy, hatred, unforgiving anger, despise, vengeful , apathetic, greedy, envious thought, you will slowly feel the peace of love. The only motivational force or intention of the pure heart is to create love.



It is Her 3 by Anuppa Caleekal copyright







It may sound too simplistic but love is primarily the ultimate desired human goal for survival, that is if the human species does not want to be extinct.. Mutations and deviant self gratifying forms of love will always appear as various different shades of grey. However love really is very simple and solid and cannot be separated from the function of creation. Over consumption of love without purpose, discipline, responsibility and function can easily deviate into becoming different shades of narcissism and hedonism.
A pure heart is a heart that is open to God’s heart, the maker and creator of time and space . A pure heart does not seek its own advantage but wants whatever the unseen God wants. To have something like the Earth is a beautiful gift. To keep it being beautiful needs the constant flow of love. The universe has a design with a peaceful balance and gravitational anchors which connect our inner beings to connect back to the promptings of our unseen creator. Like flowers of a garden we are all Here to bloom and one day before long our time is up and the world will not see us anymore.



It is Her 4 by Anuppa Caleekal copyright







Each of us were planted from a seed by Her mitochondrial DNA’s maternal ancestral past and we were delivered in a place called Here as a seen creation for all to witness. We will one day be part of the unseen creation. As I enter into prayer today, I ask for that openness of heart. All impurities from the heart must be removed which defile a person and the intent must be pure with a heart that is open , pure and back to the purpose of creation, which is love. Let my prayer be simple, let my intention be love which underlies all thought and action. In this prayer let my heart be filled by the love of the unseen Creator.
Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but because the unseen creator always lives, I will be seen again in life in someone , somewhere, someplace just as the unseen creation of Her is in me .Each of our pasts is to carry forth the love with a pure heart. Gaining wisdom is to gain heart. That is the main ingredient to create a civilized being. Gaining wisdom is to gain a pure heart connecting to the reason for the beginning of life. It is Her. Her reason to be Here now and to once be is your reason to be Here in the present .For you to carry on from Here ahead and around you is for you to share with others today the growth of love tomorrow.


It is Her5 by Anuppa Caleekal copyright







This daily spiritual exercise is intended to inspire the inner man to prepare for the connection with the forces of gravitational love from God’s heart to our own hearts. God has given us a heart to shine and be in command of our thoughts and actions. Just like the command of the brightness of the sun which helps growth and sheds light ,so must our heart take its wings to produce love to shine upon others today and all the tomorrows.
Now as you shut your eyes and open your heart you will enter into a deep sleep where the unseen Creator enters your heart and lives in you with every beat. This is the peace of your heart’s pacemaker to make the beat in synchrony with Heaven on Earth. This is why you are Here. Go to sleep with the thought that once upon a time it was Her who delivered you Here.
It was the unseen Creator who through Her open heart brought you Here. So as your eyes remain closed in sleep and your heart is open you travel back and back and back to Her counting all the images of Her from the past and counting all the images of Her in the present and counting all the Her in the future.. It is Her. It is never too late to remember the purpose of Her. Once upon a time Her time was not then but now just as now you are Here because of Her. Tomorrow your pure heart will open your eyes to share that wisdom of gaining heart to someone new. Have a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s task is great but much easier with a rested pure and open heart. The command with the break of dawn needs your vision from the night. A good night’s pure hearted sleep is tomorrow’s miraculous wonder of intent in all your successful and exciting offerings you make because It is Her love.



It is Her Love by Anuppa Caleekal copyright






It is Her Love is dedicated to Her , my friend Esther (Est (It is) Her). A human flower who bloomed only love . Born June 6, 1950- died Nov 20, 2012. This book supports International Women’s Day, a day  to know and value that It is Her Love which sustains the wheel of progress and civilization.


Digitalism Art and Word Series on Love by Anuppa Caleekal, Digitalism Magazine powered by Copyright © Anuppa Caleekal – image, text or part of, may not be duplicated without written permission.



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