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Brands play a significant part in the way some people carry out their style. Not all people need brands to define their fashion style. Some people detest brands. They may not be in a financial position to entertain luxury brands, or they may not be status driven or aroused by conventional stimulants to possess any sort of brand names regardless of their socio-economic positions.
Brands may attempt to define the person or the person may feel that their own image defines their chosen brands. What makes someone choose a particular brand or an array of brands and what makes a person detest brands is a complicated mix of factors affecting one’s decision making process in the choosing and elimination of brands. What is often overlooked is the culture of a brand.When a brand is created it often emulates a culture.The creative force of any brand can sometimes be totally defeated by the culture it creates. For instance, E! TV show Fashion Police is not a brand but Joan River’s for Fashion Police was a brand. The Fashion Police without Joan Rivers has Giuliana Rancic and others like Kathy Griffin who try to emulate and bite into Joan River’s brand of wit but just don’t make the Joan Rivers brand. So what happens is Fashion Police without the Joan Rivers brand of comedy starts to look like a platform to mock and bully celebrity fashion styles. With the internet, memes play a significant role in determining the culture of a brand. Today any brand culture has memes which can be replicated at an enormous speed over the internet. The internet is  today’s reality of the culture of brands.

Today there are many digital platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and You Tube where publishers can increase the scope of brand content by appealing to target audiences in spots where people congregate with their personal and business associates. Circles and pools of target audiences congregate in a self reliant manner through social media platforms. The pursuit to find the pools of like minded people for whom brands may appeal to is an ambitious task. Advertisers cannot assume that targeting a social media platform like Facebook where friends and associates of similar interests converse would necessarily increase sales.The potential scope of meeting a wider target audience is definitely achieved, however not necessarily an increase result in sales returns from advertising output at these platforms.

Moreover, publishers are sought to create creative content for brands and market this content for brands in a way that makes the consumer’s brain and emotions click so that the needs become wants and the behaviour leads to consumption behaviour, finally leading to the act of purchasing.

Imagery, emotion, memory and evoking stimulants that spark experiences in audiences are becoming more important. Different cultural backgrounds, ethics,language ,landscape, politics, sensory factors like smell, food, social activities, historic artistic and architectural nostalgic influences are all part of many stimulants that shape our tastes and preferences with references to our brains. With so many brands competing in advertisements the task to achieve a global share in the peoples’ demand, rests very much on creative content marketing of brands.

The individual is bombarded with so much stimuli and very little thinking power. First of all brands should cease branding individuals as mere consumers but rather as individuals. This is a contradiction as brands demand uniformity with consumers and individuality on the other hand emphasizes uniqueness and not necessarily conformity. Increasing the scope of the target audience with the main impetus to evoke a thought process or change is to establish a “brand moment” of curiosity.

But what motivates people to be curious about a brand and perhaps buy a brand? Will something like the shopping channel evolve into “brand reality shows” where brands are woven into plots of entertainment and advertising will be part and parcel and not separate units of digital time spots.?
Will programming mean incorporating sponsors into the plot with a point or click enabling the audience to find out more about any item viewed on screen either on TV or internet devices through alt tags and interactive printout information on the merchandise of interest?.The tendency for viewers to withdraw with too much information bombarded at them is a reality.

Creative content marketing of brands spell curiosity and imagination. This will require creative content publishers and technological innovations to work together.
In creating creative content marketing for brands what might ultimately be evolving is to peak curiosity in the viewer and create “a moment in brands” In other words allotting a freedom of choice for the viewer to find out more . Interactive creative content marketing of brands allows the viewer to have the choice in participating in whether or not one wants to know more about who makes that product and where one can buy it.

Eventually ads will become technologically designed so that the viewer can be able to touch , click or point with a smart phone or any internet device, TV remote, mouse at anything that interests the eye whether it is being promoted or not.
For instance if you are watching a TV show or movie. information on anything digital that appeals to you may one day be made accessible cognitively to the viewer. If the choice is placed more into the viewer’s command creating a curiosity, then the information is more interactive and engaging rather than forced upon the viewer.
For advertising, there could be mini episodes designed with an array of brands coexisting in one episode with a narrator , hero and heroine, and a twist of conspicuous consumption humour. For instance imagine the following content marketing created incorporating the following brands, Burberry, Sephora, Laura Mercier, and Demarco Jewellery in an imaginary mini episode storyline. It may humour both brand haters as well as stimulate brand lovers without insulting one’s control over one’s individual decision making process. Here is an example of a mock episode

A Moment in Brands.

They were standing outside
one snowy winter’s night
silence spoke words
eyes in focus
intense to a heartbeat
wild was the wind
so very cold came the night.

They both knew there would be warmth
if they entered into her home.
Her heart wanted to call him in
but her mind said No.

Brand Moments by artist Anuppa Caleekal copyright







He hinted and said it was too cold
to be talking out on a windy night
It was cold they agreed
but the door and the key
kept them out with the blow of the wind.

She was wearing a light grey  Burberry coat just like the one @
underneath was that white Burberry DÉGRADÉ LACE BELTED DRESS

just like the one @

Funny thing, she had chosen to wear her Burberry dress

and her Burberry coat before she  had received his

Burberry Kisses

She was emphatic and said pulling away

“I really must go in.”

But he drew her closer to him
repeating ,

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

She whispered,

“Thanks for the evening it was…”

and completing her thoughts he
sealed a kiss. Here comes the night

(Narrator sings to (lyrics of David Bowie’s song, Hear Comes The Night playing in the background)

Ohhhhh… here it comes
Here comes the night
Yeah, here comes the night
Oh, yeah (here comes the night)




Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme emerged to the forefront

as her lips partly opened to whisper

“beautiful, yes a beautiful evening”
“I really must go in”


A Brand Moment by artist Anuppa Caleekal copyright







How many times did she tell him?

“I really must go in” but

he kissed her once more
caressing her icy hands in his warmth.
The sparkly lacquers of her nails
glowed Laura Mercier’s ice blue (
As he ran his finger up and down her naked ring finger.
She read his mind like he wanted her to. The time was now
and NOW was speeding into tomorrow.
She could see
a flashing moment a glimpse of a winter star placed on her finger
they were in a Demarco lovers knot

It was heart pounding and the thrill went on
as he kissed her again
should she let him in ?
Then the weather…. baby knows it’s cold outside and she says

” I really must go in”

He held her hand and this time he leads her in
capturing yet another kiss.

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