Digitalism is a magazine with a digital pulse for the purpose of disseminating knowledge in various domains of life with the goal of promoting self help and the overall development of cognitive, attitudinal and behavioural leadership skills among citizens. Digitalism magazine disseminates memes, units of cultural information and advertises products and trends.
I am Homo sapiens digitus ©
I think therefore I am online..
.Je pense donc je suis en ligne  A digital pulse is the impetus to networking and circulation increasing readership and creativity.
This is the Age of Digitalism, where the natural instinct for Homo sapiens digitus ©  is to  DIG IT ALL, “isms” and all. It is a life process to sift and search, sort and screen, then find and refine and finally to store and transmit the digital residue. Every minute we are socially connected through the internet. Digitalism is an interconnected  world culture, viral and forever evolving.  Digitalism Magazine is the voice of Homo sapiens digitus © 


Digitalism Artist and Writer : Anuppa Caleekal ©

For my definition of Digitalism CLICK HERE


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