Digitalism Art Series: Time and Space

Digitalism Art Seies: Time and Space

In this series, Digitalism Magazine explores  taking a photograph from the past and  creating it in a different time and space using colors and the imagination of cosmetic makeovers.Using Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2.4 I took a 1955 photograph of a 24 year old woman and imagined the transformation of that same persona using the art form Digitalism.

 How would that person have looked had they been a 24 year old person today in  2015 living in another place and time ?

my mother 1955 nonfiction
my mother 1955 a non fiction
my mother 2015 fiction
my mother a 2015 fiction









Digitalism is an art form using computer art software to form art in a digital image. In this case Autodesk SketchBo0k Pro 2.4  was used  to generate the subject of the image from a non fiction to a fictitious persona.Using the imagination of what was once a real person, art is made to travel in a different time and space transforming  the photo into a fictitious doppelganger of that person  … 

 Digitalism travels beyond time and space unlike conventional art being confined to the boundaries of walls and rooms in one specific geographical spot. With digital art, the creation is digitally born and can theoretically live in that form now, forever, here,  everywhere  all at the same time.

Digitalism Artist: Copyright © Anuppa Caleekal done with Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2.4 using only a wireless mouse.

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