Digitalism Magazine Greetings

Digitalism Magazine shares greetings to all readers wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year.xmas2015

Digitalism Magazine features Digitalism, digital art in the art  style called Digitalism. This form of art called Digitalism is a contemporary art form which developed with the union of the first interface between Art and computer technology. In its most primitive form , Digitalism is the outcome of computer art software , a mouse and a digital screen which displays the art anywhere and at anytime. The infinity aspect of Digitalism as an art form, defies time and space through technology allowing our screens to view art digitally anywhere , anytime, by anyone having access to the internet from any screen and device without being restricted to the static confines of prints or physical art galleries.

Anuppa Caleekal is a painter in the style of Digitalism having evolved from the  traditional base of using canvas and acrylic/watercolour /oil bases. Digitalism Art  was coined  by Anuppa originally in the early 90’s at  followed by her Digitalism Art Studio website at  to show the blending of art and technology. The meaning of  Digitalism also encompassed the life and culture which started to be born in the early and mid nineties when the Internet became available to the public along with  Windows 95 changing the way we looked at Art , Expression and the Media.

The Digitalism Magazine ( continued the concept of Digitalism at placing Art and Visual Media as major a component of the Word or expression in the  Digitalism times , the Age of Digitalism in which we currently live. Thus aspects of what one sees, likes, dislikes, talks about digitally is expressed online at Digitalism Magazine. Digitalism Magazine, a cultural journal of the times , hopes to go beyond consumerism, advertising, blogging and social media  but to also express the voice among the silent majority. There are still many in the world who do not have access to technology or to be online in this Age of Digitalism. Extension and dissemination  of information and research as well as the voice and needs of the silent majority need to be expressed.  Digitalism Magazine hopes to also be an expression of that silent majority. This is the Age of Digitalism, where the natural instinct for Homo sapiens digitus ©  is to  DIG IT ALL, “isms” and all. Digitalism Magazine is the voice of Homo sapiens digitus © I am Homo sapiens digitus ©I think therefore I am online .



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