Digitalism Magazine Christmas Gift Ideas In Guelph

Digitalism Magazine illustrates some Christmas shopping magic .When it comes to local shopping , Guelph offers many outlets to foster your Christmas shopping creativity. This issue looks at a Digitalism Magazine Christmas Gift Idea In Guelph.

One of the ways to create unique Christmas gifts is to shop local. Local Guelph shopping not only supports local merchants but also allows you to explore and be resourceful within your own community.

The internet can be used not only for online shopping but also as a gallery of what your local community offers by browsing through the various websites of local stores.

Digitalism” being the times we live in, offers consumers the ability to have everything available to us digitally at our finger tips. This makes it ideal to have the local shopping arena available to us from the comfort of one’s digital medium such as a tablet, cell phone or laptop.

In this issue Digitalism Magazine offers some ideas for Christmas gift giving, a digital exploration of featured local Guelph stores
Take for instance at Guelph’s Pier 1 Imports Canada , I saw a beautiful seashell Sphere tea light holder


PierOne sphere









Presenting that along with Pier One’s fragranced Pier One package of Sea Air tea lights would add a zen intrigue to the gift

Sea Air PierOne candles










The Magic

When it came to wrapping the gift, I thought why not transform this gift into yet another gift by converting this seashell sphere into a flower setting ?
So I took the sea shell votive holder sphere to Guelph’s local florist Take a Bough¬†. The talented florist at Take a Bough¬†made the sea shell tea light holder sphere into a beautiful flower setting.

Digitalism Magazine Flowers












This two in one gift has the advantage of providing the instant burst and beauty of a flower arrangement while transforming into a long term permanent gift of lingering fragrance and light as a tea light candle holder.


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