The Berta Bridal Gown

The Berta bridal gown line is designed by Israeli fashion designer Berta.The Berta Bridal Gown is probably one of the most exquisite bridal gown designs of our time. The bridal gown designs embrace the epitome of synchronizing the beautiful imagery which encompasses our imaginations of weddings and brides.

It may be old fashioned to see femininity embraced with white virgin lace but the outcome is without debate one of an artistic, cultured elegance and beauty in bridal gown design. The Berta bridal gown is an architectural design giving praise to the female anatomy both with modesty as well as a sexiness not commonly witnessed in today’s designs.

The Berta bridal gown is one of the most refreshing lines of bridal gown designs on the bridal fashion scene today.

The designer : Berta (photo from

Berta The designer

The Digitalism Fashion Section in Digitalism Online Magazine would like to showcase some of these breath taking Berta bridal gown designs which are displayed at

berta bridal gown collection 2014










The primary factor which makes the Berta wedding gown design refreshing is that there is a sense of coyness to the cut. The Berta bridal gown design fully drapes the woman revealing very little yet at the same time evoking desire and passion of a sacred heart. The designer Berta has mastered this most difficult task of  combining appeal  in bridal fashion design with  both romance and sacredness . The end product is appealing to all eyes in the wedding party.


This ability to bring the sacred virtue of marriage and weddings to the design board is a unique gift which is displayed in the Berta bridal gown handmade collections. The designer Berta, has created a much needed neoclassical purity to bridal couture.
The Berta bridal gown is classic and not for what the trends of the day dictate. This in the long run is what makes this bridal wedding gown a timeless classic design.







The timeless designs presents itself more as a definition of weddings, marriage and brides of the past present and future of our imagination.





The Berta bridal gown is based on the design which portrays a dream and a memory of a memorable event of a wedding for the outcome of a sacred marriage. This is distinctly revealed in the design of the Berta bridal gown which gives it that neo classical unique look . In March Berta bridal gowns had a trunk show in Toronto and there are more upcoming trunk shows displaying the 2014 collection. For Canadians who want to shop Berta contact Woodbridge, ONPowder 905-605-1750. There are many Berta boutique outlets worldwide.


It is not an understatement to say that there is more to the cut than what meets the eye in a Berta bridal gown.

When you look at the design , it evokes a sensation of a dream wedding with a life ahead and not just a display for an event or a fashion statement.




Digitalism Online magazine has highlighted other companies who have beautified the bridal boutique. To go along with Berta bridal gowns , complimentary bridal accessories can be found at the new Jimmy Choo collection of Bridal boutique . Jimmy Choo bridal boutique collection would go very well with a Berta bridal gown. Digitalism fashion had highlighted Jimmy Choo shoes in a previous issue.

Also  Verragio bridal engagement rings which were previously highlighted in an earlier issue of Digitalism would  look absolutely regal with a Berta bridal gown.

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