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Recently I had the fine experience of getting a floral arrangement done by a Guelph Florist, Take A Bough. Located in the south end of Guelph , Take A Bough is a quaint little Guelph florist shop doing flower arrangements serving the community for many years.

I needed a simple birthday floral arrangement to be placed in a little pottery container which I owned.The container was the size of a small ash tray having a built-in pin point holder, I took it to Guelph Florist, Take A Bough to get a simple flower arrangement design which would fit into this  container.

Flower arrangements designs can be elaborate and some very simple. It is often the simple design in a flower arrangement which makes it artistic.

The flower arrangement had to fit into this tiny container.It needed to be something simple, something happy and something beautiful.This is how I envisioned the recipient of the gift as well as the birthday event it was for. In selecting and organizing flowers and foliage there is an involvement of art and required skill while at the same time keeping in mind the elements of design to attain theme for an unique design.

The florist at Take a Bough saw the container and immediately after hearing the theme of what I wanted, instantly knew what to put together. The only information she had to work with was it was for a young lady and I wanted something for her birthday that would spark an instant light of happiness. The Take a Bough florist picked Bells of Ireland, a white orchid, a wonderful sunny orange Gerbera and accented it with a rubber plant leaf and grass leaves.

The theme and congregation of this flower arrangement was beyond perfection. Not only was the pick beautiful but the blending of the Bells of Ireland, the delicate, exotic feminine purity of the white orchid and the exotic tropical colours of the Gerbera depicted the design theme. The theme clearly reflected to me the green colours of youth, buds of hope and the radiant blend of cultures.

Take a Bough Floral Arrangement
Take a Bough Floral Arrangement

The flowers were arranged in asymmetrical balance, informal, with good visual balance and focal point, with dominance, accent, emphasis, rhythm and contrast. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR ENLARGED PHOTO

Guelph Florist Take a Bough placed all the attributes of good artistic and simple design with expression and harmony.

The best part … the floral arrangement was completed in a few minutes just like a magical performance before my very eyes. . This was indeed a wonderful floral experience at Guelph Florist Take a Bough.

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 located in the south end of Guelph at 304 Stone Rd. W. Unit #2 .Guelph, Canada (519) 837-1947 (800) 599-2862

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