Digitalism Magazine RedFlash Matrimony of Bollywood and Barcelona in Bridal Jewellery

Digitalism Magazine RedFlash Matrimony of Bollywood and Barcelona in Bridal Jewellery
Article by Anuppa Caleekal published 2007 ©,  Digitalism Magazine ©
India’s Bollywood, the world’s largest and fastest growing film industry produces about a thousand movies per year and boasts a world audience estimated to be more than two billion viewers across 127 countries,dubbed in over 35 languages, constituting 16.5% of theatrical business markets in the U.K while making it to the top 10 charts in USA, Australia, Singapore, South Africa , U.K, and Germany.

According to a 2007 GSM Association Press release,”India is the fastest growing market in the mobile world, and the world’s fourth largest market. It has the potential to be the largest market globally by 2010.” (Source(
With the most recent venture of adapting Bollywood movies to the mobile screen, Hungama Mobile and Roamware will take this to some 2.5 billion mobile screens. This recent initiative held in Barcelona,premiered two Bollywood short films “Zahir” & “Matriomony” formatted for the “fourth screen” the mobile phone at the 3GSM World Congress February 12-15, 2007 in Barcelona

Barcelona having a population that enjoys Bollywood movies also opened a movie theatre called Maldakistan, the first theatre to host only Bollywood movies.
With the potential impact of this Bollywood Barcelona cultural fusion, Digitalism Magazine’s Redflash series on bridal jewellery highlights the awareness of cultural similarities in jewellery design with specific focus on Indian and Spanish gypsy-like designs and the love for the colour red. Digitalism Magazine introduces Niki Jewels, costume ruby necklace with tika and jhumkis nikijewelscom2.jpeg  nikijewelscom1.jpeg

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What is particularly interesting is Roma, the original gypsy originated in the Punjab and Rajasthan regions of the Indian subcontinent.
Indian gypsy photo source: 

Indian fashion designers such as Pria Kataria’s collection was inspired by the gypsies of India 


(photo source: gypsies from India began their migration to Europe in the 11th century and North Africa via the Iranian plateau around 1050. They arrived in Barcelonain 1447 from Egypt and were known as Gitanos, which in Old Spanish, “Gitano” meant “Egyptian.”or”Gypcians” in English. Being nomadic they had no written historical records on their origins. Linguistic research has shown that Romani Chib, the language spoken by the gypsies  was a simplified Sanskrit having roots in Punjabi and Hindi. 
(Source: (Source:

With this interesting Bollywood Barcelona fusion in the movie industry ,via the most latest introduction to the mobile screen, Digitalism Magazine predicts a tremendous impact upon the bridal fashion and jewellery industry. The indigenous Indo-Spanish ethnic gypsy fusion as outlined in this article could very well be far reaching impacting a global audience with great revenue possibilities.

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