Digitalism’s NetGabber On Adversity

Anyone: Lets talk about adversity. You know Netgabber, I always wondered why some people suffer all through out their lives, while for others nothing seems to go wrong.

Digitalism’s NetGabber: Its hard to figure out what goes on in our lives, let alone why things happen. One thing we have control over is the way we respond to adversities. For instance, when you say adversities, what may seem tragic to you is just a hole in my bucket . My personal tragedy may feel like 50 holes in my bucket, just losing more and more strength daily.
Everything depends on how you approach and respond to adversity.

Anyone: I just feel its always me thats getting hurt. I lost my job, and I can’t find  another job, I lost my partner to cancer, I lost my house, all my life I lost, I lost.

Digitalism’s NetGabber: I once met someone who I thought had the worst life tragedy…tragedy to the exponential power of infinity. It almost seemed this person was a magnet to tragedy. When I first met this person I was going through a traumatic life threatning period in my life. This person who I barely knew and had met only for a brief 10 minutes in my life, sent me cards every so often to build strength in me. The more I came to know  this person and the tragedy in her own life, the less I came to feel sorry or dwell upon my own sorrow. I thought to myself what made this person strongest when she was at her weakest. What gave this person supernatural strength to comfort me when she needed help.?

Anyone: I don’t know anyone like that. I’m alone most of the time, in fact all of the time.

Digitalism’s NetGabber: You can become a person like her. Think of adversity as a bridge. When it hits you, build that bridge. Think of what you are learning as you build that bridge. Take a step by step approach as you walk on that bridge. But first you have to build that bridge with a strong foundation that won’t let you fall. As you build that bridge, one day you will cross that bridge and overcome that adversity. Eventhough another adversity might come along, you will know how to respond. Ask youself, can you comfort someone else? can you take self pity away and focus on helping someone else?
Have you noticed the people who cannot comfort others , cannot comfort themselves?
They are usually takers and need others to give them whatever they need, continuosly.They usually never learn from adversities and focus on a chain of emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy, self pity, addiction, and self destructive behaviour which may have consequences on all those around them.

Anyone: You sound like you’re going to talk to me about God.

Digitalism’s NetGabber: You will know for yourself, you just need time to yourself. Just like a sheep knows its shepherd’s voice, just like you as an infant could recognize a mother’s voice in a room filled with other people talking. If you were separated from your mother as an infant , you would know within the infancy of your memories, the voice that left you.You have to find that inner voice. Take a look at your baby picture. Make it a plan to look at it more often in your spare time. You will be reunited with that infant energy and you will recollect that you have the strength to grow. We often forget that in spite of aging, we are growing every day like babies.
You will hear that inner voice when you build that foundation which holds your bridge. You will feel strongest when you are the weakest because you are walking the bridge you built with direction from that inner voice.

Anyone: Is this inner voice a person from my past, present or future?

Digitalism’s NetGabber: This inner voice embodies all. You will know that you no longer need to read your horoscope, or visit the shrink, or take a pill, or visit your psychic. You will know you are protected and you will be promised to be looked after.When you hear this voice, you will be so intimate with this love, like it will be your air, your blood, your sight and heartbeat. You will have a name for this supreme entity when you have this encounter. Believe me. Let me know what name you come up with for this inner voice when you have this encounter.

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