ARTFLUTE and Interior Decorating

Are you having trouble picking an art piece for a wall in your home or office? Have you ever felt that a special wall in your home or office needs something to bring about colours with a mood and you just cant seem to narrow it down to selecting that perfect piece of art. ? Well, Artflute may be the answer. A gallery on the internet is a quick method to glance through various themes and mediums used in art. The Artflute gallery is a collection of indian contemporary art by upcoming artists  presented online.

Artflute is an endeavour to build and foster Indian contemporary art. By creating an atmosphere conducive to inspiration, a community develops to share the ideas, buy/sell contemporary art works of Indian leading artists . Some works worth viewing are of Rabi Narayan Rath, Brajmohan Arya, Ganesh Panda, Maitreyi Kar, M Singh, Saikat Maity, Narender Mehta, Nilesh Baraskar and Samiran Sarkar. Visit ArtFlute 

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