Age of Digitalism: Art and Word Series

Age of Digitalism is here. We are Homo Sapiens digitus © with our DNA digitally coded we are digital beings.
In this series of The Age of Digitalism Art and Word Series , I would like to address the notion of the importance of eye contact . The Age of Digitalism demands us to communicate by text so our fingers and eyes do most of the talking to a keyboard. The Age of Digitalism through the medium of the internet allows various devices such as tablets , smart phones , smart TVs to interconnect.

The Age of Digitalism makes us homo sapiens digitus©  utilizing mainly our fingers to reach and send messages. In the Age of Digitalism , Google is primary in making us functional with the GGG experience. The GGG experience is we Google, Gather information and through that we Gain various aspects to enrich our lifestyle needs.

For instance Google Now is so smart that it can add relationships to your contact list with voice action commands making hands free calling and texting much easier.
You can command your smart phone by saying. “call my sweetheart” or say ” send a text message to my sweetheart” rather than typing in or putting the name of your sweetheart on your contact list. Our dependency on things which we rely on to make us function at our best is far greater in the Age of Digitalism than primitive man who relied predominately on instincts . Our innate instincts are diminishing in the way we communicate with one another.

Relationships between one another have become more a product of a function and obligation or contract rather than pleasure and instinct. In the Age of Digitalism, we are becoming increasingly dependent upon the various devices that connects us to the internet. Our communication techniques and instincts are dependent on our ability to text and communicate through a device rather than looking a friend in the eye and having a pleasurable conversation. We cannot set our eyes free form the computer screen or the cell phone screen or the TV screen. The Age of Digitalism has captured our attention and we as slaves of technology rely more on these gadgets rather than cues we can get from facial and body language.

In the following Age of Digitalism Art and Word Series my digital art pieces illustrates the issue of looking at friendship as a pleasure and not an obligation.In the Age of Digitalism, eye contact between two people is becoming rare. Having a sustained direct eye contact not only fosters a level of intimacy but takes any interaction at any level whether it is between friends, business partners, lovers, parent-child relationships to the level of forming a trust and bond with a focus and the provision of full attention.

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Whats the matter, dear?

Now that's what I like to see





Allotting time and energy for sustaining healthy relationships translates into having time to talk with direct eye contact. This may seem primitive and old fashioned but the further we move away from that in the age of Digitalism, the further we depart from being human. If we want to enjoy the advantages of technology , you cannot let go of primordial instincts unless you want technology to rule the human brain.
A healthy relationship has conversation and eye contact and is able to sense and detect using innate human sensory networks. Eye contact is a form of stimulus and can spark laughter, joy, and a feeling of belonging to someone. These are important basic human needs. In the Age of Digitalism, technology can enhance us to better manage time and do things at a faster and efficient pace giving us more time and space for leisure. However technology cannot fulfill basic human needs of friendship and trust. These are important needs in sustaining an emotionally healthy well being.

In the SEPTEMBER 2014 ASIA TREND BULLETIN – MASSCLUSIVITY by, highlights the growing trend of the evolution of the middle class premium consumption where the demand for products that are rare having unique experiences are on the rise. points to the The HIBIKI Glass, a 2014 Japanese innovation. HIBIKI Glass is the world’s first interactive whisky glass which captures the trend of middle class premium consumption. The Glass combines traditional Japanese design with innovative sensor technology. The interesting and experiential outcome of tilting, touching, swirling, or drinking out of the Hikibi Glass produces audio and visual effects of the four seasons. This unique interplay of technology and the human brain offers man a connection to nature by blending technology with human interaction rather than human isolation. Take a look at the video Suntory HIBIKI Harmony Bar with HIBIKI Glass.

In The Age of Digitalism, we humans need technology as a tool to enhance our well being so that we evolve to be tuned rather than numb to our natural surroundings and relationships.


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